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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 28 Aug

Job in chapters nine and ten takes time out to reflect on what has taken place in his life. His losses and tragedies are enormous. He would like to question God on what He is doing, but his concern is will God even listen to his cries? 

He takes time to ponder who God is. God’s wisdom is profound. He is the creator God who puts the stars and constellations in place. Why would such an enormous God take time to even notice who Job is? 

Job believes that the only way he can get close to God and work out why bad things are happening in his life is if he can question God. But to question God means getting close. He needs someone to arbitrate or to mediate between himself and God. For that to happen he believes he needs to get God into court. Can you imagine taking God to court? 

For us, with access to the New Testament, we know who the Arbitrator is – Jesus Christ. He is the only One God has given us. If our desire is to get close to God, then we need to go through the Arbitrator God has given us access to. To use anyone else is courting disaster.