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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 5 Mar

There are times as we walk with the Lord that God will ask us to do some crazy foolish things. Perhaps you can think of some foolish actions straightaway. As we look at chapters five and six we see God asking Joshua to do some foolish things. 

While we look at the walls of Jericho fall, did they fall because of a well-timed earthquake? Or did they fall because Joshua was to do something foolish for God? 

Joshua is asked by God to organise a parade to go round the city once each day and then on the seventh day, seven times, and the walls would collapse. How foolish it sounds. How the soldiers on top of the walls would laugh and mock the Israelites as they walked. 

You can hear the mockers as Jesus walked the way of the cross. “He saved others, but can He save Himself.” Will you be laughed at as you follow Christ? Will you be mocked because Jesus has asked you to do something? When you pray do people mock you? When you spend time with Jesus, do others think it a waste of time?