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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 13 Mar

Would you consider yourself wise? We would like to think we are. There are times when we would consider ourselves very wise. There would be times when we would consider ourselves not very wise at all and kick ourselves for not having seen the mistakes before we made them. As we come to unravelling the wisdom that the Teacher has written down for us in Chapter 7, Solomon leaves us with more questions than answers. Why is death better than birth? Why is a house of mourning better than a house of laughter? Why is a good name preferred? How can one be over wise when we do not have sufficient wisdom to work out what Solomon is saying. Yes, we can be overwise. Yes, we can be over-righteous. Quite simply, we can be very proud of how righteous we are. We would say something like, “Look at how good I am.” Pride enters into our life and all because we are over-righteous. And yet as we read on, Solomon makes the claim, as does the psalmist, that there is none who is righteous, not one. Are you wise? Where do you gain your wisdom? Take James at His Word. If anyone lacks wisdom, then he should ask of God and He will give to you, wisdom.