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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 17 Mar

Jesus, as was his usual custom, was off praying, presumably in a secluded place. He wanted time alone with the Father. What they have discussed we are not told. But it was important they spend time together as the triune God – the father, son, and Holy Spirit coming together to discuss forthcoming events. 

 At least one of the disciples must have observed Jesus praying, so he has come up to Jesus and asked Him to teach them to pray. “Them” meaning the disciples. Jesus did not hesitate to oblige the request. After all there is the benefit of communing with the heavenly Father. 

 Jesus gave them a pattern to follow. A prayer template if you like. What was in the template? There was a series of petitions or requests which we know as the Lord’s Prayer. The prayer gave instruction on how to address the heavenly Father. Simply as Father and keep his name hallowed or holy. 

Ask the Father to usher in the kingdom which forms part of the good news. Requesting God to supply their daily needs. Ask for help in forgiving those who have hurt or wronged us. Requesting not to be led astray in temptation.

Do you struggle with prayer? Ask God to help us as we look at the Lord’s instructions to his followers.