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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 14 Aug

 As we have journeyed through this book we have discovered that the reader of the book has a huge advantage over Job. While Job has suffered tragedy after tragedy, he and his friends have no idea why these events have taken place. They fall back on man’s wisdom to try and work out what is going on. They are not privileged to the conversation taking place between Satan and God in heaven. 

They come up with suggestions such as Job has sinned in some way. Or there is a lack of faith. In chapters six and seven Job answers some of his critics. If I have sinned then what is my sin? 

Job is getting frustrated with life. He despairs of life. He finds that sleep is elusive. The mornings cannot come quick enough as he tosses and turns on his bed. In the midst of his pain from the sores covering his body, he wishes that God would somehow crush him and take his life. 

Perhaps we have been in such pain. Sleep has been a long time in coming. We have cried out to God in anguish. Yet, like Job we are none the wiser as to why. We rest in the knowledge that God is in control.