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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 4 Dec

We make judgement calls everyday. You have already made several judgements this morning. Whether you would come to church? What clothes you will wear? Where you will sit? 

Jesus said, “Do not judge”. How is this possible when we make judgement calls all the time, whether we are at home, or at work or at school or on the sporting field. Right now school students are facing judgement with the end of year exams. If we make so many judgements, what then is Jesus meaning? 

In the vary next sentence Jesus states the measure we use to judge will be used to judge. Jesus indicates that judgement will take place, however our underlying attitude needs to be looked at. Do we have such a critical spirit of someone that we find it impossible to forgive. Do we have a judgemental spirit? Do we find it difficult to let go of a situation because of our judgemental? 

Be aware that whatever measure we are using to judge will be used on us.