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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 15 Oct

Jesus, at one point in His ministry asked them who people thought He was. The scriptures tell us who they thought Jesus was. But what about the thousands who live in Wyndham? Who do they say Jesus is? Never heard of Him! A good man. One who helps His friends and neighbours. One who upset the authorities and got Himself killed. 

The quote from Isaiah tells us something of Jesus’ ministry. He would be Spirit led. He would preach the good news that the Kingdom has arrived in Him. He would restore sight to the blind. He would release the oppressed. And the list goes on.

Jesus quotes the ministry of Elijah and Elisha. They ministered to those outside the citizenship of Israel. There were many widows in Elijah’s time. Instead he went to one in Zarephath. Elisha went to Naaman a Syrian.

Jesus compared their response to that of the Jews Jesus was ministering to. It was this response that got them upset and furious. How dare does Jesus say we are worse than the pagans Elijah and Elisha ministered to.

However, there is one group who recognised who Jesus was – the demons. But , the citizens of Israel were not prepared to accept the lordship of Jesus. What about ourselves? Do we recognise who Jesus is? Having heard who Jesus is, Do we accept his lordship over our life?