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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 20 Mar

If there is one thing that gets us upset is the issue of injustice. Or more to the point, when those who are guilty of a crime get let off with what appears to be an extremely light sentence. This is a matter that has not escaped the attention of the writer of Ecclesiastes. It could simply be that the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out as v.11 indicates. Or that the wicked carries out multiple crimes and lives a long time, while the righteous has his life cut short. For the writer this appears meaningless. Should not there be some reward for the righteous? Perhaps our view on life, like the writer is short. We do not put our mind in gear and think through the implications of where we will all end up. This life is not all we will see. There is the life to come. It is there we face judgement. Although the wicked do appear to get away with it, God has His eye on what is happening. There will come a reckoning. Ask God to show you what is to come for both the wicked and the righteous. Even more important, “Are you ready for what is to come?”