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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 6 Nov

A handshake was as good as your Word.  At least it used to be that way.  When a deal was being struck, you shook hands and the deal was kept – whether it be the purchase of a car or a house.  Sadly such handshakes are few and far between.  

Today when a deal is struck, papers are signed in triplicate.  Why?  Is it because people do not keep or honour their word?  Or is it because people do not trust one another?  Whatever the reason, Jesus tackles the issue of being a man or woman of your word.  

Perhaps the obvious place where our word is not kept is in the area of marriage.  We have the couple standing before the congregation, taking vows which they themselves have written and yet a half or a third of those marriages will fail for various reasons.  Is it because we do not keep our word?  

When it comes to marriage, we can be thankful that God keeps His Word.  When God says I will never leave you nor forsake you, He means it.  Give thanks that God will keep His Word to you.  He will not let you go.