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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 4 Jun

If you had not long to live what words would you want to give to family, friends, work colleagues. Perhaps you need time to think that one through, or perhaps you already have some words in mind already. 

Joshua realizes that he is getting on in years and has not long to live. He ponders what words he might say. He summons the leadership of the nation – the priests, the elders, the judges – virtually anyone who held a leadership position. 

What would Joshua say? He wants them to know who this God – Yahweh is – The words he gets across is that this God is a faithful God. No matter what you think, God is a faithful God. 

Look back on your history. God has been faithful in the fast. He took you out of Egypt on dry ground as you crossed the Red Sea. In the here and now God is faithful to you. He will enable you to live lives separate from the world. This God will be with you in the future. Jesus promised that in the future He would be with you always to the end of the age. 

God is faithful. He promised to be with Joshua. He promised to be with the Israelites. This faithful God will be with you as well. Remind yourself of the faithful God you are following. Look to Him. He is faithful!