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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 22 Aug

Sooner or later, we will experience death. It may be a death in the family. It could be the passing of a parent. Or the death of a baby. Some cemeteries have sections set aside for the burial of babies. Inverell had one such section. 

However, sooner or later we will face death. It maybe you will be asked to organise such a funeral. With death comes an all important question, which at times we don’t want to contemplate. Now that your loved one has passed through death’s door to the other side, where exactly are they? Are they in a better place? Are they free from all suffering and pain? Are they resting in peace as so many gravestones tell us? 

How can we know? There are many out there who would be quick to give an answer. It is an easy question to answer some say. Death is the finish. There is no life after death. Others are not so sure and when it comes to the funeral, the coffin is a stark reminder that one day they will be there. There mind is filled with uncertainty. 

Then there is the Christian. He maintains that there is life after death. An eternity to be spent with God. A time to be spent enjoying the Saviour’s presence. The Christian appears so certain of what is to come. And He has every right to feel that way as His hope is in Jesus Christ who rose from the dead. Where have you placed your hope in the life to come?