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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 20 Aug

When is Jesus returning? Is He returning at all? They are questions many a Christian may have on their lips from time to time. Whether it be the 1st Century or the 21st Century, we wonder when? We think such thoughts. Jesus has not returned. It has been years. 

Yet, if Jesus is returning then how should we live in light of His return? Peter instructs his readers as to how they should live. Live holy and godly lives. Be spotless and blameless. What does it look like to have those attributes. For starters we live lives that reflect Jesus. 

To be blameless would mean that no one can blame us for something. No mud will not stick to us. If we are blameless then we are also spotless. There are no spots on us. To be holy is set apart by God for His purpose. 

When Jesus returns how will he find us? Will He find us working for Him? Or will Jesus find us in rebellion? It has been a long time since He said He would come back. 

As we wait, we work on being holy and blameless and spotless? As we wait are we pursuing righteousness? As we wait are we looking forward to the new heaven and the new earth?