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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 27 Feb

As Solomon pens these verses on worship, he is not so much interested in getting involved in worship wars which can plague Christians from time to time. Instead, Solomon makes it plain that he is interested in our heart attitude toward worship. Hence his involvement in guarding our steps as we head off to church (the temple). We guard our steps so that we do not allow anything to distract us in worship. What have we done to prepare our hearts for worship as we head there? What time have we spent in preparing our hearts for worship? Discerning God’s voice amongst the myriad of voices beckoning to us can be challenging. As we enter into worship have we confessed and dealt with issues in our lives that will hinder us in our worship. May be we have brought someone grief? Or perhaps the person who has brought us grief does not even realise they have hurt you? Maybe we have broken our word with someone. There can be many issues that hinder our worship, but where is our heart attitude right at this moment with God. The God who is all powerful, all knowing, ever-present, kind and gentle. This is the God we guard our steps for on the way to worship.