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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 24 Sep

Most of us see the gospel as being good news. And for many that is what it is – exceedingly good news – great news! It is good news if we have accepted what the good news is in what God has done for us in His Son Jesus Christ. He went to the cross to die in our place for our sins. 

However, the good news quickly becomes bad news for anyone who refuses the good news. We might say in our culture, what is good news for you may not necessarily be good news for me. But the Christian gospel is indeed good news for anyone who believes. 

Luke writes a gospel focusing on Jesus. He is the good news for those who accept Him. He is bad news for those who refuse Him. 

This is why in the opening chapter of Acts that people cry out once they have heard Peter preach, that they ask the obvious question, “What shall we do for we have just killed the Saviour, Jesus Christ?” The answer is to repent. In other words, Jesus is the GOOD NEWS. He is the bad news for those who reject the Saviour. 

The gospel writer Luke writes of the good news to be found in Jesus. Luke has interviewed eye witnesses. He has detailed the facts of Jesus’ ministry. What would you want to see in a gospel account of Jesus?