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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 19 Jun

There is news and there is news. There is good news such as the safe arrival of a baby. Or the good news of God sending a Saviour. Then there is bad news. We are going to have a power shortage. Or the bad news of going to a Christ less eternity. 

Then there is the recently coined phrase of fake news. This is where the news is based on fake or false information. There is no truth underlying it. In spiritual terms the fake news would say something like, “Live a good life and God will let you into heaven.” 

Such news is basically false and based on a lie. When Paul wrote to Christians in Philippi, he knocked that idea on the head when he said “I have no righteousness of my own.” The only righteousness I can have access to is that righteousness which comes through faith in Jesus Christ. 

As we ponder the news that comes our way, let us be wise and discern whether the news is good, bad, or fake. Will the news we hear and follow give us a right standing with God? Give thanks that God has provided us with the good news found in Jesus Christ.