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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 31 Jul

Tragedy can strike us at just about any time. It could be a car accident. It could be a shark attack. It could be in the form of an economic recession and we lose the home we have so desperately longed for. It could be loss of your health. You could add to the list your own tragic losses. Of which many of the losses you were not expecting. 

Job was not expecting the losses he was going to face. The loss of his business empire which he had built up and one day hand over to his children. The loss of his children and now no children to hand over to. And now the loss of good health. 

How does one respond to such loss? There are times when we respond by looking for someone or something to blame. But who do we blame when there is no obvious person to blame? Do we do as Job did and curse the day he was born? 

Or maybe we have to admit and be honest, that I just don’t understand what is happening in my life. May be we have responded and prayed, “Lord, I don’t understand what is happening, but help me to continue to trust in you as you work out your good and perfect plans.”