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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 2 Jun

Followers of Jesus have been asking about the Kingdom of God and what it will be like.  How would you describe the Kingdom?  What would you compare it to?  Jesus describes it this way.  The least in the Kingdom, some one like a hunched over woman will be welcomed.  Such a description would go against the thinking of the day.  If you are to build a Kingdom, then you would want some strong able bodied people to do it.

God’s thinking is quite different. If the Kingdom is to be built then you build it on a foundation that will last.  For God the Kingdom starts off small.  Like a mustard seed or a gumtree seed which grows to a mighty tree in height.  The birds of the air seek shelter in its branches and the animals find shelter under it.

We should not under estimate the size and growth of the kingdom.  It may appear small in size, looking at it from our human perspective.  But God is the one who gives the growth whether the church is in an affluent land, or in a place of heavy persecution.

Where do you see the church in Werribee?