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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 16 Apr

John concludes his account of the good news of Jesus by saying that if books were written on Jesus, the whole world would not contain them. In ending his gospel account we find that Peter is asked questions on feeding sheep and how much he loves Jesus. 

Peter is right in saying that Jesus knows all things, therefore you already know how much I love you. Jesus then goes on to reveal Peter’s future. We might not want to know the future for ourselves, but Peter pushes the boundaries. He looks around and proceeds to ask about John’s future. 

Jesus responds by telling Peter, “What is that to you? I have a future planned out for him. Just as my Father has a future planned out for you.” What is important for you to remember is to walk in obedience to my commands. I am giving you sheep and lambs to feed and shepherd. Your task Peter is to look after the sheep I give you. Do not concern yourself with the sheep and the tasks I will give to John. If you love me Peter, then you will get on with the tasks I give you. What tasks has God given you?