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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 11 Jul

When the Allied Forces landed in Europe it did not mean the war was won.  There was still months of fighting ahead to gain victory.  Years after the war had finished in the Pacific, there were still soldiers fighting on remote islands who had not heard the war had finished.

In the verses this morning from Ephesians, Paul reveals that even though you have decided to follow Jesus it does not mean that you have fought all the battles.  In fact your struggle against the evil one has only just begun.  Having switched allegiances to Jesus the battle for many will become even more fierce.  

Paul does not shy away from stating that the Christian will be involved in an ongoing struggle.  Such a struggle may manifest itself in dealing with a persistent sin, or a relationship that you struggle with, or a battle with your daily devotion.

To go to war in the struggle, God provides the Christian with armour.  He repeats it – “put on the full armour of God.”  Such armour may consist of a helmet, or a breastplate, or a shield, or a sword.  

We would be foolish indeed to go into battle without any protection what so ever.  The majority of our armour is defensive, designed to protect us.  We do have armour designed to attack.  Ask the Lord to enable you to use armour for His glory.