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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 11 Jun

We have been on an amazing journey with Joshua as he led God’s people into the Promised Land. It does not mean it was an easy task. There were battles they faced as they entered. As Joshua concludes Chapter 24 Joshua reminds the people where they have come from in their amazing journey. They started off as pagans in a small family. God stepped into their lives and they grew as a family into a formidable nation. 

God brought Terah and his family across the River. God brought them out of Egypt having dealt with the ten plagues. God brought them through the Red Sea and then across the Jordan River. God defeated their enemies. God brought the walls of Jericho down. God defeated the enemy armies. 

God continually went ahead of His people and brought defeat to any who opposed His people. God kept the many promises He had made to His people. God kept His end of the bargain, even though the people were often caught out disobeying. 

In this final chapter Joshua gives God’s people choice. “Choose this day whom you will serve.” You will either choose to follow God. Or you can choose to follow the many idols and fake gods scattered through out the land. They chose to follow God. Even though there were many times they would forsake God and follow idols. Who will you serve? Will you follow the God who keeps His promises?