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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 26 Mar

It sounds amazing doesn’t it, that the sun stood still. We would say it is impossible. The sun cannot stand still. But then nothing is impossible for God. Think of some of the implications. The heat generated on one spot. Or would the ocean dry up at that spot? Would there be tidal waves generated? 

However, Joshua was looking for another implication. He was wanting the day to be longer than normal. In fact he wanted it extended by nearly a day. He needed time to take out the coalition forces coming against them. 

In order to have more time, Joshua prayed that the sun would stand still. The writer tells us that there has never been a day like it. We immediately focus on the miracle of the sun standing still. And admittedly it was a miracle. But there was another miracle that same day. It is the miracle that God would even listen to a man in prayer. The day was extended. Joshua did pray. God did answer. We’ve seen Joshua not pray. We’ve seen Joshua pray. We can all say we don’t pray enough. The God who answered Joshua is waiting for us to approach Him.