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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 30 Jul

When you look back on our school days, whether it be Primary, High, or even Tertiary there would have been teachers you warmed to, teachers you admired because of the way they taught.  There would have been teachers you had trouble learning from may be because of a personality clash, or a teaching style.

                  The apostle Peter in his second letter is deeply concerned about teaching, teachers who are teaching that which is false.  You might say, “What does it matter?”  A little falsehood is not going to hurt anyone, or so we think.  

                  What would happen if you saw a sign pointing to Werribee telling you that it is 10km away.  However the workers who put the sign up, put it pointing in the opposite direction.  Instead of going to Werribee you end up Rockbank.

                  A little mistake you say.  You will never reach Werribee following a sign that is wrong.  If you follow a false teacher where will you end up?  One “D” of a false teacher is their deception and their destructiveness.  A false teacher will promise you heaven, instead you will find hell.  What is your teacher teaching you?   Check it against what the Bible says!