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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 19 Mar

If there are some actions we do not appreciate is being on the receiving end of deception. May be you have been tricked, lied to, or deceived. May be such deception has seen you get hurt in some way. 

April Fool’s Day is a day set aside for the purpose of deception. You can remember some of the tricks played on you at school. 

Today’s incident in chapter 9 of Joshua focuses on the Gibeonites. They were a group of people who were facing destruction from the Israelites as God’s people moved into claim the Promised Land. To avoid destruction they deceived Joshua into thinking they lived a long way away. They hoped Joshua would make peace with them, thus giving them protection. 

We too face a similar challenge. We face the wrath of God. He could wipe out the Israelites and us with a Word. The Gibeonites realized they were in trouble and took steps to avoid the trouble. We too are in trouble. To avoid it we need to make peace with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. You can make that peace now.