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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 24 Jul

We readily accept that which is good. As you reflect back on the week that is gone we gladly accept the good that has come our way. It may have been a good meal you enjoyed. It may have been a visit from a friend or family member. It may have been good news from your doctor. Have you ever knocked back something that is good? What about something that has brought you trouble? Chapter two of Job comes with a challenging question. Chapter one comes with the news that Job has lost his business enterprises and the sudden death of his children. Job now experiences the loss of his health and he is in agony. In response to his circumstances, Job makes an amazing statement. “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” Despite all Job’s pain and agony, He is still willing to say, “I will accept what God sends my way.” As we reflect on the week gone what good have you accepted from God? What trouble has your loving heavenly Father sent you?