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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 10 Mar

There are several terms in the Bible which are often used in the language of the day. We talk of the hallowed turf of the MCG meaning that according to cricket the ground is holy. Good Samaritan is another term we find people use. 

He or she was a Good Samaritan today. They might have saved someone from harm. He was a Good Samaritan as he helped a disabled person take the groceries to the car. We could think of other examples of a Good Samaritan in action. 

Jesus told a story of a Samaritan to illustrate a point to those who were following him. Jesus lifted the status of a Samaritan in the eyes of the people. Prior to that conversation the Samaritans were looked down upon. They were tempted to say there was no such person as a good Samaritan. There was none who was good. 

Yet the Jews in Jesus’ audience were thinking that is a third person cam along it would be someone from the Jewish elite, not a Samaritan. How dare Jesus compare us to Samaritans. We are better than them. But in the story, the one who was just, loving, and a neighbour was the Samaritan. Someone they despised. When have you been a Good Samaritan? Who is a Good Samaritan? How can you be a Good Samaritan to someone today?