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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 22 May

Since February, the world has watched the unfolding of the battle between Russia and the Ukraine. Russian forces thinking this was going to be a walk in the park as they invaded. However, they met stiff opposition as the Ukrainian forces were fighting for their homeland. What was thought to be a short battle has turned out to be anything but. 

As we come to the latter part of Philippians 1, we find a battle taking place as the good news of Jesus Christ advances through the city of Philippi. One would have thought that such a small church would not have been able to stand up against the apparent might of the Greek and Roman gods. But, stand it did! 

Having small beginnings, the church has grown as the gospel advances. The threat of arrest and a stint in gaol has not stopped the gospel from being proclaimed. Not even those who would set out to thwart the spread of the good news of Jesus could stop the gospel’s spread. 

We might ask ourselves, what is hindering the growth of the church where God has placed us? What opportunities has God given us to proclaim the gospel?