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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 30 Apr

An inheritance is usually something we receive when someone dies. Your parents or an aunt or even a friend may leave you shares in an estate. An estate being whatever the deceased had. It could be a house or a business or money. The deceased may give you a percentage share in the estate. 

The Israelites, for some time had been for some time been fighting for and waiting on God to give them their inheritance of the Promised Land. 

What of the Christian? What do we stand to inherit from the death of Christ. Is it forgiveness? Is it eternal life? Is it heaven? In the Christian situation, Christ dying on the cross enables us to receive an inheritance. An inheritance that never spoil or fade. 

If we rely on an earthly inheritance such as a house or money or clothes, they are all items that will not last. But a spiritual inheritance received from Christ will last eternally. Our heavenly Father is more than willing to give you a slice of the inheritance that Christ has on offer. Why not grab hold of the inheritance that Christ is offering you? You will be glad you did!