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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 14 Nov

It was getting late in the day. It had been a long day of ministry. There were the large crowds of men, women, children all wanting a listening ear and seeking restoration of one kind or another. The disciples were tired. They were hungry. They were wondering what Jesus would do next. Surely He would want to rest as well. 

Jesus leads His followers out of Jerusalem to an olive garden. He allows them to rest for awhile. Some had already fallen asleep due to the time and energy expended during the day. He then asks Peter, James, and John to come aside with Him. “Not more ministry,” they are thinking to themselves. They come aside and he bids them to pray while He goes on a little further. 

Although they cannot make out what He is saying, they know He is praying, but that is the last thing they hear. The next thing they remember is Jesus tapping Peter on the shoulder and asking why he could not stay awake and pray with him. 

Jesus is asking His heavenly Father that if it is possible to lift the cup of suffering from Him. Yet not my will, but your will be done! It is a challenging prayer to pray. You are asking the Lord to work out His will in your life. It sounds the right thing to do. But we ought to remember that God’s will is not always our will. It may mean saying NO to what I want and YES to what God wants. When have you faced that struggle?