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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 24 Oct

 While waiting what do you do? If you are waiting for the train to come, do you get impatient? Do you read the newspaper, read a book, grab a coffee, strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, do you use those few minutes to pray? While waiting what do you do? 

It is an interesting question to ponder. However, what do we do while we are waiting for the Lord Jesus to return? Do we do nothing and simply sit there and wait? Do we live our lives as though He is going to return at the end of the day? 

The Parable of the Talents help us identify what we can do as we wait the Lord’s return. The Parable focuses on a man who is about to set out of a journey. He calls his servants together and entrusts them with his resources. One gets five talents, another two, and the third one a single talent. Each are given resources according to their ability. 

The man going on the journey is symbolized for us as Jesus. The servants are us, His people. While the man is gone there is the expectation that each of the servants will put the resources to good use. 

God has given each of us resources for use in the kingdom. As we wait for the Lord’s return, there is the expectation that we are to use those resources and gifts to build the kingdom. While waiting for the Lord to return what are you doing?