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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 17 Oct

This sounds like a strange parable or story that Jesus tells. What is the purpose of it? We have what we would call a wedding party that has assembled, comprising ten virgins. The bridegroom is off visiting the bride’s parents to ask for her hand in marriage. So confident is he of such a positive answer that the wedding party is waiting on his return. 

However he is taking longer than all expected. The members of the bridal party become drowsy and all fall asleep. They had come out expecting a banquet, but here they are asleep. 

Suddenly there is movement. The bridegroom is returning. The ten virgins or what we might call bridesmaids bring out there oil lamp so they see where they are going on the darkened streets to the banquet. But there is a problem. Five have brought extra oil for just such a scenario that the groom would be late. The other five did not bring any extra and are not ready to go with the bridal party to the banquet. They are told to go and buy some. By the time they get back, the door to the banquet is firmly shut. No amount of pleading with the groom will open the door. 

Like the five who were not ready to enter the banquet, how many think they are ready to participate in the wedding supper of the lamb. They, like the five, will be caught out. As we ponder this parable, let us be ready to meet the groom – Jesus Christ.