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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 7 Mar

Jesus loved to tell yarns, or we would know them as parables. The parable or yarn usually had a hidden meaning in the story. Sometimes it was quite easy to work out what the point was that Jesus was trying to get across to His listeners. Other times the disciples had to admit defeat and humbly come to Jesus and ask what the yarn was about. 

The parable of the workers in the vineyard, quite possibly falls into the latter category. What is this parable about? Is it about the need for more workers in the harvest field? Even Jesus admitted there was a need for more workers. There was an abundant harvest out there, but the workers for such a harvest were few and far between. Is Jesus calling on more workers to get involved? Is this yarn about paying correct wages for the workers?

While that is an important matter to consider, for we know that there are unscrupulous bosses and companies out there that would rip workers off. Other scriptures deal with this.

There is one common factor that all the workers are facing. They all receive the same amount. What is it that all receive? In order to enter the kingdom, all receive God’s grace. Some might say that some need more grace than others. But when you think about the workers, all receive sufficient grace to enter the kingdom. Ponder the grace you received.