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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 7 Nov

Everyone loves a good story. Particularly a story that has a happy ending. A story where justice is not only talked about but is also seen to be done. However a lot of stories fail at this point. Justice is not seen to be done. Such stories leave us frustrated and even angry. 

As we come to Matthew 26:1-16 we come across a plot that is not just and ought to make us angry. It is the plot to do away with Jesus. The leaders of the Jewish religion, the chief priests and the elders, also known as the Sanhedrin. They assemble together with one thing in mind – to kill Jesus. 

What is His crime you might ask? Preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and His kingdom. His crime was calling people back to the creator God. His crime calling people to love one another. 

For those crimes He was crucified. One of the most agonising deaths that one could endure. The religious leaders were so incensed that they thought the only way forward was to silence Jesus and His followers. 

It was unjust with what happened with Jesus. But God knew what He was doing. Man may have plotted the downfall of Jesus, but God was working events to His plan. They did not see that the death of Jesus would bring about forgiveness and eternal life. We can plot, but God’s plans for us are way better then we could even imagine.