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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 14 Apr

In looking at Jesus from Luke’s Gospel, we are coming to a point where followers of Jesus are beginning to wonder where does Jesus get his power / strength from to do all that He does. 

Most people would be exhausted or burnt out in reaching this point of the ministry. Where does Jesus get the power from to raise the dead; calm a storm; cast out a demon; or even make bread and fish out of nothing to feed 5,000. Was it from God although He is not mentioned. Some thought it was from the prince of demons. Others wanted to see a sign from heaven, before they cast their vote. 

For Jesus it was important. There was also something more important. What were people and His followers doing with the Word of God. They were to hear the Word, and obey it. 

How can you tell if someone has heard the Word. They obey it. They put it into practice in their lives. It is one thing to say we have heard the Word, it is another thing to obey and practice it in our lives. How are we doing with practicing the Word? Keep up the practice of the Word.