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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 23 Oct

Jesus has begun to call His followers. Two sets of brothers took up the call to follow Jesus. Others would come and start following. Others would start but would soon give up citing it was too difficult to maintain a consistent walk. Initial followers thought they knew what would be involved. 

For sure a new kingdom would mean new laws. However, Jesus puts His would-be followers on notice that the old commands from God were still in effect. They would not be done away with. Jesus tells them that He has come to fulfill them. 

The religious groups of the time thought that fulfill them meant fulfill outwardly. Jesus told them to look at the heart perspective. Many thought that to murder someone was done physically with an object of some kind. 

Jesus said to them. “No”! You can murder someone with your heart. Calling them names can result in murder. Have you killed someone recently with your words. Have you called them a fool? 

As you read and listen to the Sermon on the Mount, what laws do you see Jesus fulfilling?