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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 19 Dec

What is it that we are celebrating at Christmas? Is it the gift giving? Is it the time spent with family? Is it the parties we can have with work colleagues? For Micah and the nation whom God had loved so much that He called them to serve Him, Micah was looking forward in expectation to the promised Messiah. The Messiah would be the One who would restore the nation. The One who would shepherd the people. The One who would sustain them during challenges. The One who would protect the flock. The One who would bring the flock back and unite them. Micah accurately predicted where this Messiah would be born – Bethlehem. He accurately predicts what the Messiah would do. A Messiah who would shepherd the people. A Messiah who would bring peace and security. As we head into this Christmas season, we would desire peace and not fear of what may or may not happen. Micah was looking forward to the time when there would be peace. The coming of the Messiah would bring peace. As we spend time with family and friends during Christmas may we continue to look to the one who will bring us peace – Jesus Christ.