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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 27 Aug

If you had to rate who was the most well known Old Testament prophet then Jonah would rate fairly high. Jonah was a reluctant prophet. He did not want to do what the LORD instructed him. Instead of following God’s commands he followed his own commands. 

He was told by God to go to Nineveh and preach against the wickedness of the city. It was quite possibly no more wicked than any other city of the time. 

What complicated the commands of God was that Jonah was to go to a city that the Israelites were at war with. They were enemies. 

Jesus said this of enemies. “Love your enemies and pray for them.” Jonah was having nothing of that. He fled west. He had forgotten Psalm 139 of where can I flee from your presence. The upshot is that you cannot flee from God’s presence. We might think Jonah’s action are absurd, but what of our actions? 

We may not have encountered a storm at sea but have we been listening to God’s voice. He asks us to live holy and godly lives, instead we keep on sinning. Jonah learnt the hard way, that the best way is to follow God’s way. For Jonah that meant preaching the good news to the Ninevites. Where and why are you reluctant to bring the good news?