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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 6 Aug

Ever since Christ’s first coming when he was born in a stable in Bethlehem, His followers have been working on when He will return a second time. Some have gone to elaborate lengths to work out a return date. The simple answer would be that even Jesus did not know when He would return. Only His Father in heaven knew the date. 

Would anything change if we knew the date? I might be cynical but probably not. We would go about our normal activities of eating, drinking and marrying until the date approached, paying no attention to God until we had to. The problem is no fear of God in people’s lives. 

There is however a group of people who recognise the significance of the return of Christ the second time round. When Jesus returns He will come to take His people to be with Him. And He will leave those who want nothing to do with Him while on earth to be destined for hell. 

It saddens and grieves our heart, that there will be those among us who when Christ returns are on the road to hell. Pray that they will make a commitment and God will be gracious.