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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 5 Nov

We are done with the AFL for a few months. Although the trade period keeps it in the news. Coaches are on the look out for the player they require to secure a premiership. Some coaches may never win a premiership. But that elusive premiership keeps them coming back year after year. Others become disappointed with players switching to teams that may get them a premiership before they retire.

It is one thing to pick an AFL team, but how would you go about picking a team that would change the world. Jesus called His followers to Him and chose twelve. In the team Jesus picked, there were some fishermen, a tax collector, apolitical zealot, a crooked financial planner.

One would hardly think that such a team would have much impact on the world. Yet, as the centuries roll by, God used such a group to bring about change. A leper is restored. A paralysed man able to walk. Teaching that amazed the people. Miracles that the religious leaders were jealous of.

A question we ask of ourselves is where are we in relation to Jesus’ team? Are we part of the team? Are we yet to respond to Jesus’ call?