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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 29 Oct

There are several stories wrapped up in Luke Five. We saw the restoration of a leper last week. Today we have a paralysed man who his friends brought to Jesus. It is an amazing story of friends who could see that their friend needed Jesus. But how were they to get him to Jesus, let alone, let alone to get Jesus to take any notice of him – a paralysed man. There is more to the story than meets the eye. He had friends who did not give up in getting their friend to Jesus. Have we friends who do not give up in taking us to Jesus. 

They persevere. How good it is to have friends like that who do not give up in getting us to Jesus. And perhaps we also we need to deal with the question of forgiveness. We live in a world where there is little forgiveness, little compassion, little mercy shown if you blow it and you do something wrong. One strike and you are out. That does not mean we overlook the offense that has taken place. Although we forgive, it also requires justice to take place. 

However, as we ponder faith, let us be faithful friends. Jesus saw their faith as they lowered their friend through the roof to be restored by Jesus. Let us be the friend who will persevere in our relationships. Let us be the friend who sticks closer than a brother or sister. Who will you be a friend with today as you bring them to Jesus?