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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 12 Jun

It is said you know your friends when you go through a difficult time in your life. A hymn that sums up friendship is “What A Friend We Have In Jesus!” A marvellous hymn drawing our attention to what Jesus has done and will do for us. He is there in our difficult times. He is there in the good times for His followers. 

In Philippian Church, Paul reveals something of the friendship he has with Timothy and Epaphroditus. Paul highlighted the fact that he had complete trust in Timothy to carry out the ministry of trying to resolve the conflicts in the growing church. 

Timothy had a passion for seeing people grow in their love for Jesus. It would have been far easier to walk away from the challenge. However, if we are going to spend an eternity with such friends in Christ, should we learn to love them. 

Friends will stand with us. It is what Epaphroditus did. Even though he was gravely ill he carried on with the ministry given to him by the Philippian members. Pray for friends who will support you. Pray for friends you can stand with. Count it a privilege to stand with like-minded Christian friends.