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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 23 Apr

As we look at Joshua chapters 10 and 11, there emerges many things we do not understand. Do we simply except them by faith and leave it at that? 

Consider some of the things in these chapters. How could the sun stand still without destroying the planet? We could understand burning the enemy chariots, but why hamstring the horses? Why completely exterminate whole cities and the people living within them? Why does God harden people’s hearts? 

We could give some answers to our questions but they would not appear very satisfactory to our thinking. God hardens hearts that He might destroy them. Cities are wiped out so as not to lead God’s people astray. Where is this God of mercy? He is there ready and willing to offer peace to anyone who will accept it. Unfortunately, like God’s enemies, we refuse the offer of a peace treaty. 

Such an offer of peace is found in the King, sending His own Son, Jesus Christ, to broker a peace treaty between ourselves and God. We accept such a peace treaty on God’s terms not ours. Avail yourself of the offer before it is withdrawn.