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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 18 Sep

We pondered why we were here last week. The Westminster Confession of Faith reminds us that we are here to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. While we are here, what then are we to do? What then is our ministry? 

In Job 32 we are introduced to presumably another friend of Job – Elihu. He has been patiently waiting while the other three have been counselling Job. We are told that Elihu is younger then the other three, and this is why he has not spoken up sooner as he has respected their age. Afterall, wisdom does come with age. That was one of the principles by which Job and the friends lived. 

Elihu takes it upon himself, although much younger to counsel Job as to why the tragedies have happened to him. He disagrees with some of Job’s arguments. For example, Job has said in the past that he is pure and free from guilt. Elihu tells Job he is not right in what he says. He reminds Job that God continues to speak through various ways. It could be through creation such as a storm. It could be through a dream. It could be through pain and suffering. Looking back over your life, how has God spoken to you?