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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 24 Jan

What was before God? Or “Who made God? are often questions that children ask their Scripture teachers or Sunday School teachers. They are asked because we live in a world that decays and disintegrates. Even rocks wear down to finer grains, our clothes wear out. Even our physical bodies wear out. 

So, when it comes to God we ask similar questions of God. In Psalm 90 we are told something of the God we worship. In fact Moses who wrote the Psalm labels it as a prayer. He tells us something of the God we pray to. 

God is our dwelling place. God is eternal. God is the creator. God is everlasting. This should answer the question of what was before God. He has always been there. He was not created. God has the power over death. He can sweep us away at any time. 

In comparison to God, man is a frail creature. His life is brief even if he has the strength. With such a brief life God asks us to number our days, make careful use of them.

What was before God? God has always been there. Who is this God we pray to? He is eternal, all powerful, and all wise and creative. If you were asked to write who God is, what would you write?