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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 18 Dec

One is tempted to ask why a genealogy at Christmas time? One could easily ask why do people give gifts at Christmas? Why do people have parties and meals together at Christmas? Why do families get together? Why is it that even non-Christian people celebrate Christmas even if it is just symbolically giving a gift? 

What then have any of those questions got to do with Christmas? The Bible tells us that the very first Christmas was very different to the Christmas we celebrate on the 25th December. Instead of a party with family and friends, a young couple were about to have their first baby. There was no one to support them. They were ostracized and relegated to a less than clean stable with animals and shepherds wandering in and out. 

How different was that first Christmas to the one we celebrate in Wyndham? Even with a genealogy the vast majority of people did not recognize who this baby was? Sadly, little has changed since the birth of this baby. How many in Wyndham recognize the Christ child. The anointed One who would save a people for Himself!