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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 27 Nov

Worry – that which disturbs our peace, our tranquility, our mind. There are many things we worry about or become anxious over. 

Do we worry about the future? Do we worry over our children walking a way from Christ? Do we worry about having sufficient finances to pay the mortgage? Do we worry having enough food to feed the family? Do we worry about our health? Do we worry about our Christmas celebrations? Do we worry about those who govern this nation?

When you think about it, if we believe God is firmly in charge, then all the things we worry about are really God’s worries. We should rightfully trust Him because He knows what He is doing. 

You can imagine the disciples of Jesus being worried. They were being asked to give up their livelihoods to follow Jesus. The two sets of brothers gave up their fishing business. Who was going to provide their income? Jesus simply said to them, “Do not worry!” God, your Heavenly Father, knows what you need. What is disturbing you at the moment? We are asked to trust Him.