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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 28 Apr

We don’t think too much about bread. We pick up a loaf of bread from the supermarket or bakery without a thought as to what goes into making that loaf that you are about to cut up and put your vegemite all over it. 

We forget that time is needed for the almost invisible yeast to do its work of making the dough rise. Of course if you want a quick rise leave the yeast out. 

This was the case for the Israelites when they were to leave Egypt. To escape Egypt under Moses’ leadership. All they had to do was sprinkle blood on their door frames and they would be saved. It didn’t matter the amount of belief as long as they had blood sprinkled. 

Normaly a meal would would come which had to be made quickliy, hence the bread would be made without yeast. It would be a flat bread. Yeast made the bread rise. 

Yeast in the scriptures can symbolise the evil that infects man, or for good as in the Passover meal. As you consume that next slice of bread, Check out how yeast is used in the Scripture?