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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 16 Oct

Jesus has begun to call people to follow Him – two sets of brothers, who would soon start on the journey of a life time fishing for men. He has shown them some of the ministries they would be involved in. Then Jesus explained the traits of someone who would be following Him. 

If one is to follow Jesus it will be obvious to all who see us that we are a disciple of Jesus. Jesus describes us as the salt of the earth, the light of the world. 

As the salt of the earth we act as a preservative agent for the world. As light we expose what is often hidden. 

For the Christian, if we are being salt and light, we will not be able to hide the fact that indeed we are Christians. 

Does our life have bite to it as a Christian? Or have we lost our saltiness? Are we shining brightly For Christ? Or have we dimmed as a follower? 

As Jesus calls people to follow Him, not only does He warn them that they will receive persecution, but there will also be no place to hide as a Christian. Being salt and light will be obvious. In a world needing salt and light the Christian will stand out.