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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 5 May

What is your goal in life? What are you seeking to achieve in life? There would be a multitude of answers to such a question. It could be to the richest person in the world. It could be to be the first Australian female astronaut. It could be the fastest 100 metre runner, It could be owner of the most expensive house in Australia. 

Jesus warns of the danger of greed. Paul writes of this warning when he says, “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Obviously money is not a problem. The love of money is a problem. 

Such love is seen in the man wanting to build bigger barns. He could have built a few more, but NO he chose to build bigger ones. Money was no object for him. 

However, in doing all he did there was no mention of God. It was all me and my. My grain, my barns. We live in a world of materialism and greed. We want bigger and better. Anyone who leaves God out of their life and plans is considered foolish by God, There were wealthy people in the Bible. Abrahan, David, Solomon to name a few. Storing wealth without consulting God, you could forfeit your life. Do you see God as the owner of everything you have?